Gabriel R. de la Mora - Editor

Gabriel de la Mora's career as an editor began in 1996 at San Pedro Post Mexico City where he worked with some of the nation’s top directors, including Fred Clap, Daniel Gruener, and Jorge Aguilera, who would all turn to him time and again later on in their careers.

Mr. de la Mora's breakthrough came in 2001, when he teamed-up with Alejandro González Iñárritu, the acclaimed filmmaker behind Birdman, 21 Grams and Babel, to put together an episode of "The Hire," a series of eight short films for BMW that starred Clive Owen as The Driver. The partnership was a great success, and the episode, "Powder keg," won Grand Clio Awards and a Silver Lion at Cannes.

Mr. de la Mora's exceptional editorial talent does not stop at commercial productions. His sure hand and refreshing aesthetic enhances documentary and fictional film projects, many of which go on to become hits at film festivals worldwide. His work in this area includes Belleza Accidental, 5:55 (winner of Best International Short Film at the Hollyshorts Film Festival), and the documentary Gabriel Orozco, which exhibited at the Toronto Film Festival and the Austin Film Festival and received top honors at the Guadalajara Film Festival.

Among Mr. de Ia Mora's more notable film successes was a feature entitled Morirse en Domingo ("Never on Sunday"), directed by Daniel Gruener. The film follows one family's misadventures after a beloved uncle passes away on a Sunday, a day in Mexico when coroners do not work. Discussing their efforts together, Mr Gruener told Creativity Magazine that Mr. de la Mora "can smell the rhythm of things and has this intuition of how to cut scenes." The film quickly became a smash at over 25 events internationally, winning "Best International Feature" at the Calgary International Film Festival, "Best Feature Film" at the Diosa de Plata Awards and the "Reyna de Navarra Prize" at the Pamplona Film Festival. The magazine Variety, singled him out for praise in its review of Morirse en Domingo with "Editing, by Gabriel Rodriguez "Choco" is aces".

Most recently he was part of the on-the-road team of editors for Apple's "Your Verse" iPad commercial directed by Chris Wilcha and Chivo Lubezki.